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4 years ago

S2:E9 – Summonable Guys Have All The Luck

Mokele-Mbembe Mokele-Mshmembe

Summonable Guys Have All The Luck

The mighty Mokele-Mbembe is accidentally summoned! Announcer 1 is missing! Back cave double crossing deals? Joy Behar? Weaponized Bunyips? Chistopher Walken is back for some reason? Cliff hangars out the wazoo? You know it! It's the Squatch Smasher's Season 2 Finale!

Thank you for listening to Squatch Smashers. The Season 2 Finale. Why end Season 2 after only 8 episodes.? Well the reason is a secret for now but I think you will find it very… moving. I know I will. We will be back after something important happens. Something very moving. It will be moving for me I can tell you that. We will have some mini episodes in the meantime. Fake commercials and whatnot. Probably not vital backstory information like the last set of mini episodes.

This episode was written by Darren Esler, Matt McDonald, and George Caleodis

Zeke Delfour and sort of David Attenborough like announcer, Announcer 1, 2, and 3 were played by Darren Esler

Vlad, Football Announcer, Mafia Announcer were played by George Pete Caleodis

Elvis and Christopher Walken were played by Phil Porter

Jenny the stylish steampunk robot was played by Mary Ellen Clark

The Deadly Tripodis was played by Dino Tripodis

Charlie Weirauch played Timmy Pillows

Theme Song and Ending Credits Song by David Paige

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