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4 years ago

S2:E4 – The Brundleskeet part two

The Brundleskeet only rings twice

Episode Notes

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Surrounded by deadly Timmybots and with Vlad near death, the team searches for answers!

Squatch Smashers was created and produced by Darren Esler

This episode written by Darren Esler and George Pete Caleodis, and Matt McDonald.

Vlad, Football announcer were played by George Pete Caleodis. Twitter: @caleodis IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1241020/?ref=nvsr_1

Elvis was played by Phil Porter. Phil is a 30 year veteran of the Columbus, Ohio improv community and likes to serve as a cautionary tale for young improvisers.

Jenny was played by Mary Ellen Clark Mary Ellen Clark is a nurse ninja, pitty mama, and instapot guru who fell out of a TARDIS. She wrote that herself. Probably using speech to text.

The Brundlematic and the old timey news announcer played by Matt McDonald.

Timmy Pilows bots played by Charlie Weirauch. Fan favorite Charlie Weirauch. Twitter: @weirauch Check him out on IMDB. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0918641/

Everyone else was played by Darren Esler. Twitter: @smashmysquatch

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Jason Paige wrote and performed the awesome new theme song and cool end credits song. He also sang the Pokemon theme song on the tv show and the video games. So why is he on our dumb little show? Again, I do not know but he is incredibly talented and you should hire him. Find out how on his webpage. http://Jasonpaige.com

Thank you for listening and go have a beverage!

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